Host Guest sequencing scheme


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The outline: host-guest sequencing

Purpose: To enable small biological labs to do sequencing done at the minimum cost to contribute the data to PAPGI.

* Local labs have the right for the samples and data and 
   PAPGI have a full early access to the data. 
* IRB is handled by local labs.
* Sequencing cost is free and provided by big labs belonging to PAPGI
  (we will make a registration procedure so that labs have
   an agreement with PAPGI). between hosts and guests, proper agreement is
   recommended as local grant and regulation are diverse.
* Minimal one sample per ethnic group per lab (small labs).
* Data will be shared by PAPGI and the local labs eventually.
* Data analysis can be done by the host lab or bioinformatics working group (bwg)
    and/or local labs (if they can do bioinformatics). Eventually, the data will be
    processed by PAPGI bioinformatics task force.

* Published data will be available for all the researchers world-wide before of after

   publication (depending on cases)

   (not necessarily right away, but the whole free sequencing plan is FOR PAPGI. (It is not just helping 
    local projects and the results of the local projects are used under local labs' conditions, although these
    are not mutually imcompatible)
Labs who offer free sequencing for far (please contact them individually)
PGI (Personal Genomics Institute, Korea, Jong Bhak)
KAUST (Saudi Arabia, Tim Ravashi)
* Please contact Jong Bhak to list the  samples to be sequenced so that we can coordinate the
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