INCOB2012 Thailand PAPGI session


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INCOB 2012 PAPGI photos 

INCOB 2012 PAPGI session:  "Population Genomics"


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 Krungthep 1
1:10 - 4:20 PM
8. Pan-Asian Population Genomics Initiative (PAPGI) Session I. Chair: Maude Phipps
1:10 PM
1. PAPGI – an introduction and the roadmap for follow-up from the Pan-Asia SNP project by PS Lai
1:30 PM
2.00 PM
3. Biocomputing algorithms for phenotype/ genotype correlations by MR Al-Mulla
2:20 PM
4. Deep sequencing on Chinese, Malays and Indians from Singapore baseline cosmopolitan populations by R Ong
2:40 PM
5. Systematic analysis and functional annotation of variations in the genome of an Indian individual by V Scaria
3:00 PM
6. The Early Train of Man in South East Asia by M Phipps
3:20 PM
Coffee Break
3.40 PM
7. Population variations in Thai genomes by STongsima
4:00 PM
8. Admixture history and local adaptation of human populations by S Xu


 Krungthep 1
1:00 - 3:30 PM
12. Pan-Asian Population Genomics Initiative (PAPGI) Session II. Chair:
Poh-San Lai
1:00 PM
1. Arab genome: In health and disease by F Al-Mulla
1:30 PM
2. Whole Genome Sequencing of Kelantan Malay by Z Alwi
1:50 PM
PAPGI discussions and future directions
 3:20-3:30 PM
 Coffee Break
3:30 PM
Closing Session




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