PAPGI Steering committee meeting 5-6th July Malaysia


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PAPGI Steering Committee Meeting 5 & 6 July 2012
Jeffrey Cheah School of Medicine and Health Sciences
Monash University (Sunway Campus), Malaysia

Final Programme

Organized by Maude Phipps


Day 1, Thu 5 July 2012
Light Breakfast will be served at 9.00-9.25 am in the Boardroom Level 1, Building 3. After breakfast, participant will proceed to Video Conference room next door.  

PAPGI July 5th Malaysia meeting presentation materials

PDF file here! File:PAPGI SCMeet56July2012Final.pdf

Papgi sc meet 5 6 jul 2012.jpg

Papgi sc meet 5 6 jul 2012 2.jpg

Papgi sc meet 5 6 jul 2012 3.jpg



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