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 Steering committee of PAPGI


The Steering Committee of the PAPGI Consortium comprises at least one member representative from each country in the PAPGI project. The role of the Steering Committee is to discuss pertinent issues related to the project in order for the project to progress in an efficient and timely fashion. The Steering Committee will also be informed of the progress of the project through the representative of each country. When there is a need, members in the Steering Committee will be called to discuss issues that arise in the course of the project, and the Co-Chairs of the Steering Committee will make an executive decision after the discussion. Fundamentally, the Steering Committee, under the leadership of the Co-Chairs, will be responsible for driving the project.
*** No surprises rule ***
In the spirit of collaboration and transparency, the PAPGI Consortium will adopt a "No surprises rule" from now onwards until the launch of the restricted public access of the PAPGI data. This means that, before the PAPGI data is officially available for restricted public access, members of the PAPGI Consortium will be granted privileged access to all the data that is generated as part of the Consortium. However, if the data will be used in a manner that is not directed towards the first Consortial publication, the Steering Committee must be informed of the intended use of the data to avoid unforeseen conflicts between members in the Consortium.
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