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The HUGO Pan-Asian Population Genomics Initiative is a collaborative international effort to systematically collect, analyse and understand the genetic diversity of the Asian populations. We also hope to unravel patterns in genomic diversity modulating phenotypic traits and thus contribute to the baseline data for understanding genomic diversity and healthcare interventions in this area.

We hope to make available the entire data and resources available to the larger worldwide scientific community on completion of the project. > more about us

The objective of PAPGI


 Participating Organisations and Countries

PAPGI is an open project and welcomes any researcher to join the consortium.  

The complete list of in the consortium members is available here.

CAS-MPG Partner Institute for Computational Biology (China) |   CSIR-Institute of Genomics and Integrative Biology(India) | Genome Research Foundation (Korea) |  Kuwait University (Kuwait) |  Pharmacogenomics Centre, Faculty of Pharmacy, UiTM (Malaysia) | IMMB, Faculty of Medicine, UiTM (Malaysia) | Monash University (Malaysia) | University Sains Malaysia (Malaysia) | King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (Saudi Arabia) | University of Colombo (Sri Lanka)  | Genome Institute of Singapore (Singapore) | National University of Singapore (Singapore) | National Center for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology (Thailand) 


To join the consortium, please contact 

Maude PhippsJong Bhak, Lai Poh San or Vinod Scaria,

or any member that you know.

More about the PAPGI Task Force

PAPGI mailing list:


 Strategies and Methods

 Host Guest sequencing scheme

  PAPGI Project Timeline


 Documents and Resources

 Recent Presentations on PAPGI (please upload your presentions here)



 Meetings and Conferences

 ICHG 2016 PAPGI Workshop Kyoto Japan April 6th

HUGO Genome Meeting 2013 Singapore Meeting PAPGI session

10th APCHG in Kuala LumpurPAPGI Members Meeting

PAPGI Steering committee meeting 5-6th July Malaysia 

    PAPGI steering committee meeting 5-6th July meeting minutes

INCOB2012 Thailand PAPGI session Program

INCOB 2012 Thailand PAPGI Meeting Minutes





 Preparation of the PAPGI Essay (Contact Jong BHAK

Task Force volunteers wanted

1st freeze of PAPGI data set available (since June 2015)

2nd freeze of PAPGI data set (being prepared by November 2015)

 Committees and sub organizations


PRB (Policy Review Board)

Steering committee (

Task force

Bioinformatics working group

Scientific Advisory Board candidates


 Sample preparation guide and specs:

 Whole Genome Analysis DNA sample specs for Illumina Hiseq2000





Bioinformatics Analyses




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Papers related with Population Genomics
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